Friday, 18 December 2015

Earthrise Encore

Earth as seen from the  Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - Image Credit: NASA
Today NASA released a stunning image of Earth as seen from the Moon sky. The contrast of a living, dynamic Earth against the barren, static foreground of Moon is simply breathtaking. This is how the future explorers and inhabitants of the Moon will see from its near side. 

Moon is tidally locked due to the immense gravity of Earth. Thus we always see its same face in our night sky. However, on Moon, we will be able to see Earth spinning, going through phases with an ever changing cloud pattern, almost at the same spot each and every day. 

The original Earthrise photo was taken by the Apollo 8 mission in 1968. That shot is considered among the pictures that changed the human vision forever. Seeing our Earth in its entirety from the surface of another heavenly body gave us a truly global prospect. 

If we could all perceive and embrace this feeling, perhaps we can start building a better future through cooperation and unity. 

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