Saturday, 20 June 2015


It is not the longest word in English language but it is perhaps the most fun to learn and remember among those. ‘Supercalifragilicticexpialidocious’ comes from a 1964 Walt Disney musical ‘Mary Poppins’. It was coined from various Greek and Latin roots for a joyful and silly song but over the years it became popular and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1986.

So how one is able to remember and pronounce a word that is 34 letters long? Well, actually it is quite easy. First, look at its individual parts and meanings:

Super: excellent
Cali: most beautiful
Fragilistic: delicate
Expiali: atone, to make amends
Docious: able to learn, educable

So all this translates to the state of being extraordinarily good; wonderful or fantastic. To pronounce such a lengthy word, it has to be divided it to its basic components.

Super – cali – fragil – istic – expi – ali – do – cious

Once you remember these simpler parts and above meanings, it becomes super easy to remember. It is also a cool way to impress friends and peers.

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