Friday, 19 June 2015

Ontario Science Center

A single day can’t do justice to all the sections of the science center. It covers a broad array of topics like astronomical science, technology, communication, geology and nature. Then most of its exhibits are designed to give a hand-on experience to the visitors and spur curiosity. There is always something new to learn when you pause and look closer. On most days, throngs of eager and excited youngster fill the place. It is places like these that nurture the inquisitive minds and inquiring nature.

One of my favorite exhibits is a replica of “Jacquard Loom”.  This early 19th century device to wave cloth is actually a precursor to modern computers. Replaceable punched cards were used in this mechanical device to change the patterns and to control the order of operations. 

Rain-forest in the nature section is a superb depiction to experience
Children love static charge generator
Virtual reality gaming dome

IMAX Dome and Mastermind gift shop complete the experience of a day filled with learning, entertainment and fun.

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