Sunday, 4 January 2015


Horseshoe portion of the falls 
Niagara falls are not the highest or the widest in the world, but these are the most accessible from Toronto and are utterly breathtaking. The thunder of the falls is so alluring that these have to be visited time and again.

American Falls and the Rainbow bridge
Skylon Tower
Before the Canadian portion of falls, there is the old majestic building of Toronto Power Generating Station. This power station was built by the investor and visionary Sir Henry Pellatt (of Casa Loma) in 1906. It was later appropriated by the Government, on the grounds that electricity should be free to all like air and water. That never happened but it caused a major dent to Sir Henry business empire.

Entrance to the Power Station building
It was a cold, cloudy and windy day. The real feel index was around minus ten. After spending an hour in the open, my fingers started to hurt from the cold and I was experiencing some difficulty in speaking. Then the sun came out behind the clouds and there was a mist rainbow hanging over the falls. It was worth it.

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