Monday, 13 May 2013

Toronto again

Weather today is cold. Frost warning in effect.

     This is only my second trip to Toronto but as soon as I exited the airport, it felt like coming back to home. Air outside was clean, cool and a tad damp. At first pedestrian crossing, I stopped and waited for the traffic. I was busy looking around at signs and billboards so it took me sometime to notice that a large number of vehicles have stopped in my honor. Finally a limo driver signaled me to cross the road and I remembered that here, right of way belongs to the pedestrians. Metro service was efficient as ever, and it was full of humans in all shapes, sizes and colors. Toronto is a city of immigrants as nearly half of its population is foreign-born. But this time around, it is not like landing on an alien planet. Diversity is familiar and it feels good to be back.

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